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Investor Relations

Our Transfer Agent is Agent EQ Shareholder Services, PO Box 64854, St. Paul, MN 55164-0854, 800-468-9716.


Winmark Corporation (NASDAQ: WINA) operates businesses in the following sectors:

Retail Franchising and Leasing.


A franchise opportunity from Winmark is the start of a transformative journey. Our entrepreneurs desire to run their own resale store, communities want to support small businesses and everyone seeks to leave our planet better for generations to come.

With Winmark, business franchising is fully supported and not just a transaction — it’s the start of a business relationship.


Winmark's leasing options are tailored to each business owner's specific needs. Because of our long history of solid financing, we ensure each leasing plan capitalizes on success. Winmark's equipment leasing services have flexible plans and competitive rates.

Our account management team stays beside each new partner throughout the life of a business. Winmark's goal is your success.